about us

what we care about


our clients

We feel privileged to know them.


your needs

We want to understand you, not just your problem.


your time

We don’t have a waiting room – we don’t keep our clients waiting.


your money

Always straightforward and reasonable. You won’t need to hire another lawyer to understand them.

since 1976

For over 40 years, we and our predecessor firms have helped people protect themselves, their families, their assets, and their businesses during their lives. We help them make decisions about what to do with their assets after they die. People do not retain lawyers because we’re so much fun to be around.  They seek counsel because they need answers, oftentimes to questions they don’t even know to ask.

what you can expect from us

  • We’ll always give you the unvarnished truth; telling what you need to hear and not always what you want to hear.
  • If we’re not good at what you need, we’ll tell you and we’ll help you find someone who can help.
  • We’ll listen to you, and talk to you, with respect.
  • If we make a mistake, we’ll take responsibility.
  • We’ll return your phone call within 24 hours.
  • We’ll stay focused on what you need, not on what we feel like doing.
  • We’ll try hard to avoid jargon.
  • We’ll try to make your life easier.

how we charge

All of our attorneys charge by an hourly rate.  We will provide you with an estimate of the cost for your project and an engagement letter that clearly states, in plain English, the billing rates for any attorneys or staff working on your project.  We will update you with progress billings on a monthly basis and if you have any issues with your bill, you can speak directly with your attorney handling the matter.  We will not send you to a different department to discuss your bill because we think that our bills are better explained and understood by the attorney who you are already working with.