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As of March 4, 2024, Peter Randolph will be a principal at Miller, Miller & Canby. Peter can be reached at:

Peter D. Randolph
Miller, Miller & Canby
200-B Monroe St.
Rockville, MD 20850

(301) 530-8800

time to take control?

We help people like you think through and create their legacy plan so their wishes will be honored. We help people like you gain the confidence that their family will be taken care of in their absence.

a death in the family?

We help people like you handle the affairs of family members who die so that you and your family can have peace of mind, pride that your loved one’s wishes were honored, and confidence that all of the associated administrative issues have been handled properly and to your best advantage.

business questions?

We help keep your business organized & legal. We help people like you start and manage small businesses so the law doesn’t get in your way. We also ensure that you are aware of all your options so that you can achieve the best personal and financial results possible.

tax problems?

We help keep you and your business in compliance with the federal and state tax authorities.  We will also help you become compliant and re-enter the system so that you can stop wondering if and when the IRS will catch up with you.  We help you understand your options and the tax implications when buying or selling an interest in or a whole business.